Fridge Top Cover With 2 Handle Covers and 6 Side Pockets


  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Color and Fabric Guaranteed
  • Dual Layer Fabric with inside filling
  • Side pockets
  • Two Handle Covers
  • Long Life Washable Fabric
Double Door

Homeplus designed exclusive range of Fridge or Refrigerator  Top Cover. This set include one quilted Fridge top cover with side pockets and two handle cover in same design.

You can decor both sides of your fridge by putting hanging flowers in side pockets of cover or you can put daily use kitchen accessories in these also. This will also protect your fridge top from dust and rust and keep the color of fridge fresh and scratch less.

Available in wide color range that exactly best match with your fridge color. Fridge Cover is available for all sizes including room size, medium size, large size or double door. You can also get customized refrigerator cover which meets your needs and quality standards.


Double Door, Large/Jumbo, Medium, Small

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