About Us

To organize the technology and make it handy for the world
to improve & enrich people lifestyle with ease and comfort.

homeplus vision

Our Vision

To organize the technology and make it handy for the world to improve & enrich people lifestyle with ease and comfort.

homeplus mission

Our Mission?

Homeplus will deliver the highest value to its customers, suppliers with an aggressive marketing strategy & services at low prices.

History of Beginning

Homeplus.pk is working as a partner with Multiple Brands to the distribution of these Products in Pakistan.

Aly Channar CEO/Founder

Aftab Bhatt MD/Co-Founder

Hassan Raza Head Operation

Zahid Iqbal Import & Export Manager

Homeplus – To Plus Your Home !

We founded in 2016 and grown-up as the leading online shopping store offering a huge range of products from the world’s leading brands. Homeplus.pk has its origins as an independent online store for all luxury shopping needs.

About Us !

Homeplus.pk – An Online Shopping Platform that brings to you the most popular branded merchandise comprising of latest and advanced level of products and gadgets. Trust us when we tell you that we are barely scratching the surface in naming our extensive line of product categories.

Why Shop with us?

With the existence of various shopping platforms popping up online, providing more or less the same products at the same prices, it has become very difficult for consumers to actually decide upon their platform of choice. we helps you with making a better and informed decision. We have something more to offer than good products at reasonable prices and that is the service level.

Cooperate with Us!

We are quick to respond to our customers in the shortest possible time via whatever medium of communication they have chosen. Our offer on almost immediate returns on defected or damaged merchandise during transit allows you to feel as comfortable as if you were choosing goods from your own shop. Shop now with homeplus.pk and feel the difference! Happy Shopping !

What can we do for you ?

Click on the category name on the top of the homepage to view the products we have within those categories. You can also use the search bar located at the top right corner of our homepage to find your preferred products.

  • Once you have found your preferred product, just follow the steps below:
  • Select the preferred quantity and then click on ‘Add to Cart.
  • Click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ tab to complete your order process
  • At Checkout, you will need to Login by filling your personal details and shipping address if you are a new customer or you can also Checkout as a Guest.
  • Click on your preferred payment option before clicking the ‘Place order’ button

If you encounter any problems while placing your order, do not hesitate to contact us on our Customer Care Service or Email us for help or inbox us on Facebook.

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Kindly click on the Register link located at the top right end of our homepage. Once you click on it, you will be required to fill in some personal information. After updating the required fields, click on the submit tab to create your account.

If we do not currently have your particular item, please inform us as we keep updating our website according to our availability and to keep our customers satisfied.

If your order is not yet on its way to you, you can simply cancel your order by getting in touch with our Customer Support Team. You can reach our team via call or email mentioned on Contact Us. If your order is already on its way to you or if you have already received your order, you may be able to return your product (See our Return policy for detailed information).